サイレントフライト (LP) -pre-order-



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A1. six
  A2. ラストサマー [Last Summer] 
A3. サイレントフライト [Silent Flight] 
A4. ビオトープ [Biotope] 
B1. 追憶の鏡 [Opposite Mirrors]
  B2. 明星 [Myojo] 
B3. スウィートバレイ [Sweet Valley] 

● 1st ever OFFICIAL Vinyl release of CD only album from 2005 ● Solo debut of female singer from Ryusenkei’s “City Music” (2003) 
● Produced & Arranged by Yuzo Hayashi (Key board player of famous Toshiki Kadomatsu etc) 
● 7 original songs by Yuzo Hayashi, beautiful Kayokyoku-ish City Pop sounds overall ● Comes with classic Tip-On cover with Insert ● Re-Mastered for Vinyl from Original Master Tape. Remastered at Studio Djoke, Tokyo 
● Vinyl Pressed by Toyo Kasei, and all other Materials manufactured in Japan with TOP quality 

Tomomi Sano : Female singer born in Tokyo. Started professional career on Akira Mizumoto’s “A.M” album as featured vocal. After meeting of Cunimondo Takiguchi from “Ryusenkei”, she was featured on their 2003 debut stunning album “City Music” as main vocal. Shel also realeased 3 solo albums “Silent Flight” (2005), “Midnight Explorer” (2012), “Mellow & Spacy Ele Pop “(2019) as one of 2000s “City Pop” icon.

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