artist:THE STARS

WE ARE (THE STARS) (7 inch)



A (We Are The) Stars
B Best Friend

The Stars, where Milwaukee meets San Francisco. Cedrick Rupert was the guitarist for the band 'Impulse', a group who formed in the early 70's of Milwaukee and backed local soul outfit, The Quadraphonics, whom recorded the hit Betcha If You Check It Out/Prove My Love To You, which was released internationally on the Warner Brothers imprint.

In the mid-70s, Impulse relocated to Oakland, CA to work alongside another Milwaukee icon, Harvey Scales to record their self-titled album, Impulse, which was recorded at the Wally Heiders Studio in San Francisco. Alongside these sessions, Scales & Rupert would work on various recording projects for different clients, including a group called 'The Stars', commissioned by the label, André.

Two tracks, '(We Are The) Stars', & 'Best Friend', provide the energetic flavour of the disco driven scene of what was happening at that time in the Bay Area.


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