SENSATIONAL (LP) -pre-order-


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A1. "Drama" (3:49)
A2. "Polite" (3:23)
A3. "Make My Day" (3:27)
A4. "All You Talk About" (3:00)
A5. "Insult Me" (3:18)
A6. "No Butterflies, No Nothing" (3:00)
B1. "Someone To Chill With" (3:18)
B2. "Acceptance (Intermezzo)" (0:43)
B3. "Better Than That" (3:52)
B4. "Friendly" (3:01)
B5. "Secretly" (3:05)
B6. "Busy" (3:54)
B7. "Call Me Anytime" (3:34)

Erika De Casier has been on the Juno radar for a while. She is a Danish artist who has lent her voice to some killer dance cuts, but when in solo mode she is a new school neo-soul queen. Her vocal style is quiet and subtle, vulnerable and honest, and the music that is produced around it only heightens that sense of late night intrigue. This second album is one of tender sound and confessional songs, with closely mic'd whispers and softly spoken words defying most tracks. It's deep, richly rewarding and another fine accomplishment from this contemporary star.

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