label:WAYOUT (UK)


A1 Space Funk
B1 Moon Light Shuffle
B2 Inner Soul

Wayout Records head honcho, Manchester DJ and producer James Kumo aka K.Mo, takes the reins for their next release °∆Space Funk EP°«, featuring man of the moment Byron The Aquarius. The deep house groove of title track °∆Space Funk°« has Byron on keys, laying down his trademark synth and bassline stabs courtesy of his Prophet 6. The warm and soulful vibes sit alongside driving drum patterns and additional live percussion by Mauskovic Dance Band member Chris Bruining. The B side opens with °∆Moon Light Shuffle°«, delivering a captivating bass line with synth lead melodies accenting the organic solo to die for from the super talented Tim Jules. Close °∆Inner Soul°« is full of sparkle with heady pads, luscious piano chords again from Tim Jules, elevating this very credible record to a whole other level. DJ Feedback: SEAN JOHNSTON/ A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE This is great, heavy vibes, Detroit stylings, love it. LUKE SOLOMON/ DEFECTED Moon Light shuffle is fire. Love it !! DAN CURTIN/ SPACE METRICS This is excellent, it has all that I'm after, deep funk, actual and real talent in the musicianship, future forward atmosphere, super warm and fat production, will be definitely supporting! ERIC DUNCAN I°«m really digging this. HECTOR ROMERO/ DEF MIX/ SONY Oh yes! The Moonlight Shuffle tune is on point. GROOVE ARMADA/ TOM FINDLAY Love love love!!! ALL LOVE LARS BEHRENROTH/ DEEPER SHADES All tracks are solid. BILL BREWSTER/ DJ HISTORY Space funk is wicked. MARCEL VOGEL/ LUMBERJACKS IN HELL This is nice...inspiring. HORSE MEAT DISCO/ SEVERINO PANCETTA Oh yeah. Great stuff. Track 2 my fav. PONCHARTRAIN/ WHISKEY DISCO Moon Light Shuffle is an absolute blast of a track. But great work having Byron on space funk. Deep and wild. STEFANO TUCCI/ HELL YEAH. I love this release! All the tracks are great. Space Funk it's exactly what it says on the title: afro funk launched into space. Moonlight Shuffle it's cosmic and jazzy, super groovy! Inner Soul it's euphoric deep house for the heads with that unexpected "strings of life" moment. Music for the body and the soul! DARKER THAN WAX/ THE LOT I really like this record - love supporting the homie Byron! The song Inner Soul is also great too. EDDIE C Moonlight Shuffle is very cool.. reminds of late 90Svek/Paper/Classic/FrenchFriedFunk. I worked with Tim Jules on something with Marcel once.. back in the day now! HARRI JAMES HARRIGAN/ SUB CLUB Really into these. LEO MAS K.MO FT BYRON THE AQUARIUS / SPACE FUNK is great SIMON HARRISON/ BASIC SOUL It's all about Byron on keys - HUGE TUNE! ROCKSTEADY DISCO/ PETER CROCHE This is some really high quality stuff! Lush and musical with heavy drums. Great! SOULDYNAMIC Love this Ep! 'Inner Soul' is our first choice! but also the other two tracks are cool! CRAIG SMITH/ 6TH BOROUGH PROJECT Digging the EP, all cuts work for me. JAMES FLAVOUR Wow love this! So good. MELON BOMB/ PIKES Really liked Inner Soul, lovely ep. MR V / SOLE CHANEL I°«m digging this. Yes! STEVE PARRY/ FOR SASHA Space Funk is great BILLY SCURRY NOTHING I don°«t like about this.. It°«s dark it's warm, it's lush it°«s stripped, it°«s house it°«s techno°ń it°«s fucking fire!! TRISTAN JONG/ GRATTS This is cool! My fav is "Moon Light Shuffle". STUART PATTERSON/ FAITH FANZINE As much as I love Byron it's Tim Jules key's that have got me on this one, especially the organ on Mooonlight Shuffle RALPH SESSION/ HALF ASSED RECORDS The B2 is a nice slice of soul N grooves. MARC ROBERTS/ FMLY ASIA Inner Soul and Moonlight Shuffle right up my strasse! Warm and ooozing class x WHITEY DELUCA/ KOLOURS LTD Amazing - what a treat! Anything BTA blesses his hands on is nothing short of massive and this is no different. The whole record is reminiscent of those days of digging in the record store, finding this gem, and setting it in the purchase pile while you're at the listening station - only to be followed by giving it a proper rinsing at every subsequent gig! FREDDIE GARCIA/ SANCHO PANZA I do like the Space fun k on it, top prod and nice deep House IAN BLEVINS / ME ME ME Moon Light Shuffle is a jam! MAX P / HELL YEAH Super ep, Moon light my fav ! CARLO / ATERRAL Dope vibes! third track is my fav ;) MAREK MOSKALUS Fresh soulful vibe! SIMON MORELL/ FINA Really solid ep here ! Liking this. KELVIN ANDREWS/ CURATED RADIO I LOVE these! Already planning to play out. Wonderful.

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