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A1. Low Gravity Ride
A2. Mother Of Energy
A3. Astral Variations
B1. The Rainbow Gardens
B2. Perpetual Motion
B3. Underworld Jaunt

°»In a recent interview David Toop described the studio to be °»a concept of the mind, a place where you can create other worlds°…. The very same perceptual methodology appears be at the heart of the studio processes of Deep Nalström whose latest EP offers a sonic cornucopia overflowing with food for the mind perfect for the journey into outer space via your own inner space. Opener °∆Low Gravity Ride°« sets you away atop a propulsive fizz of acid bubbles, lustrous synth wash and a lithe percussive groove. Listeners are pleasantly bumped at the mid-point by °∆Astral Variations°«- a mid-tempo vacuum jacker reinforced with a fractalised p-funk bassline. A personal highlight is °∆Rainbow Gardens°« - akin to sitting in the exotic grounds of an alien temple in the midst of an afro-cosmic drum circle whilst being laced with extravagant strokes of emotive synth cream. The tempo increases towards the end of the EP, a rush to oblivion that ends with °∆Underworld Jaunt°« – glorious arcs of arpeggio riding freely above a determined techno canter that gradually peels away as you reach your mind°«s eye. In turbulent times, it°«s comforting to commune with the esoteric fantasies of Deep Nalström; richly detailed and beautifully described sonic renderings of a world conceived in his mind and reimagined in yours.°… Spice Route, November 2020

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