label:VEGA (US)


A. Ain't That Funkin' Kind Of Hard On You? (Louie Vega Remix)
B. Ain't That Funkin' Kind Of Hard On You? (Vega Trumpet Dub)

Oh no he didn”Ēt! Oh yes he did! House music, nightlife entertainment and DJ/Producer virtuoso Louie Vega has proven over and over again that he”Ēs a master chemist in the studio. His latest release is an uptempo and speaker-knocking remix of Funkadelic”Ēs ”ČAin”Ēt That Funkin”Ē Kind of Hard on You?”É (produced by George Clinton and & G Koop) from the album ”ČFirst Ya Gotta Shake the Gate”É. The original version is nothing short of a classic, but it”Ēs as if the song had never been invited to a Louie Vega post-midnight global extravaganza. Was the song not aware that spellbound dancing and high BPMs were the standard for House Music? Normally, such a blaring disregard for nightlife decorum would relegate a song to the pits of sonic hell, but we”Ēre talking about George Clinton here! The original opens up with a G-funk groove that screams Westside and lowriders. The listener is then blessed with Clinton as he adds his sage, soulful and pimpadelic vocals, complemented by Funkadelic singers asking him about the pains of the funk. The semblance of a beat that could drive the dancefloor into the morning hours is there, but in no way has it blossomed into its full glory. Enter Louie Vega. His remix immediately greets listeners with a decadent spread of instrumentation and chutzpah. The original song”Ēs DNA populates the first thirty seconds of the remix but then an explosion takes place and the song assumes a new identity. The transcendent experience is akin to taking the elevator to a rooftop party and once the doors open- boom! The remix begs you to dance, the G-funk groove is now in your face instead of being laidback and percussion takes a front seat to take you away. The song is alive, there”Ēs no other way to describe it. Be sure to buy your vinyl at an outlet near you! the Louie Vega remix of Funkadelic”Ēs ”ČAin”Ēt That Funkin”Ē Kind of Hard on You?”É on Vega Records!

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