label:PULP (SPA)


A1. "The Caged Bird" (6:53)
A2. "Kaleidoscope Love Song" (4:27)
B1. "It's Something Else" (7:34)
B2. "Mind Like A Steel Trap" (6:11)

Scottish producer Gavin Sutherland revives his Other Lands alias with a collection of tracks that were crafted between 1997 and 2012, and were transferred straight from the original cassette. “What Year Is It? Who Is The President?", is Sutherlands’ first full offering with PULP. After multiple remixes for the label (under his Fudge Fingas alias), the release schedule for the Other Lands guise has picked up in the last few months. This resurgence of previously unreleased material will add to Sutherland’s elaborate catalog, and confirm that even bits that never saw a release at the time, are sounding relevant and superbly produced. “What Year Is It? Who Is The President?” (PULP13) starts with “The Caged Bird", which is a synth laden, lush sounding cut that is built around a playful bass sound and beautifully orchestrated chords. The drums are swinging as ever, and the hypnotic character of the lead is present throughout. “Kaleidoscope” is a venture into the otherworldly. Deep splashes of synth and fx come together effortlessly to create an almost meditative state. The musicality of it all is remarkable, and hard to capture in a few words. The rhythm section is always the backbone, but the fx are equally as important. Fans of Sutherland’s work will surely recognize and appreciate the ambiance that is set in Kaleidoscope. The flipside starts with “It’s Something Else". The main lead is indeed something refreshing. In a sense, it’s reminiscent of a guitar, but it’s clearly not that. The dance floor nature of everything else is supporting the wildness of the lead. Altogether this is something to space out to. On a dance floor, at home or perhaps even during a run. The final track on the B-side is called “Mind Like A Steel Trap". This sample heavy, hazy sounding piece of beauty is blending soulful flutes, drums and the catchphrase of the song - no more mind games - together with an astonishing ease


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