artist:NOA ERNI




1. The Mental Traveller Takes Off 01:06
2. The Mental Traveller Theme (feat. Nardo Says) 05:05
3. Train Ride (feat. Miles Bonny) 03:21
4. Seeds of Labor (feat. Shamir of WOLM) 03:14
5. Microsleep 03:09
6. Longitude (w/ S. Fidelity) 04:13
7. Calmility 02:41
8. Second Nature of the Beast (feat. Count Bass D) 01:54
9. Square (feat. Nardo Says) 02:07
10. Uncertainty 02:58
11. Shapes 02:33
12. Damn it's Sunny (w/ Robot Orchestra) 04:33

The Mental Traveller - A Soundtrack by Noa Erni If music can take our mind to any imaginable place, on endless individual journeys, Noa Erni°«s °»The Mental Traveller°… is the infinite soundtrack. A soundtrack for mental wandering and soul searching, a blend of rap, jazz and hip-hop beats. °»The Mental Traveller", an album assembled like a literary anthology, offers musical arrangements and unique narratives where epilogue and prologue of each track merge seamlessly. Far beyond the horizon of compiling single tracks, °»The Mental Traveller°… is a journey of sound and unity. Inspired by David Axelrod and William Blake, Ahmad Jamal and Flying Lotus - just to name a few - this work aims to be a tribute to these legends°« legacies of past, present and future, detached from trends, norms and classical narrative structure. Swiss-born producer and computer conductor Noa Erni has been crafting obscure jazz and hip-hop behind closed curtains (a.k.a. his flat in Berlin, Germany) for years - free from external pressure and as an adjunct to his day jobs as sommelier and co-owner of local fine wine store °»Friedenauer Weinhandlung". On April 30th, 2021, Kommerz Records will release Noa Erni°«s debut album °»The Mental Traveller°… on 12°Ū vinyl as well as on all digital platforms. The project features internationally renowned artists such as Count Bass D (alternative rap pioneer, who worked with Snoop Dogg, MF Doom (R.I.P.) and Retrogott), Miles Bonny (New Mexico-based singer and trumpeter), S. Fidelity (hip-hop producer signed to German tastemaker label Jakarta Records) and more. Erni°«s guests meld seamingly with this unapologetic and experimental album showcasing stand out performances on vocals, instruments and production. While the album sounds like it was played by a jazz outfit with years of stage experience, the truth surprises and is even more exciting: Noa crafted the songs in countless hours of experimenting with a midi keyboard, various instrument plugins and perfected


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