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Faith would love to welcome you to the Spring edition of Faith fanzine. We are honoured to have the fabulous Honey Dijon as our cover story talking all things House. Our City profile in this issue is New York where we shine a light on the early 1970s to early 1980s golden period of innovation and discovery (Don’t worry NYC ‘the house years’ will follow in a few issues time). Alongside fantastic interviews with the late Francis Grasso and the ever on point Nicky Siano we look out to the NYC boroughs with a brilliant Disco meets the Mob story of Brooklyn clubbing B4SNF (Before Saturday Night Fever) from our friend Lenny Fontana and a parallel Brooklyn story by Andy Thomas of the old school Loft dancers who followed the original mobile DJ Grandmaster Flowers. We are also delighted to have another killer illustration of this era by Paul McDonald. In our contemporary NYC section, we look at the sensational Battle Hymn, a Manhattan Sunday party that evokes memories of the city's legendary ‘90s parties, catch up with Amy Douglas, Fiorious and more. Plus we have features on the legendary Nu Groove Records, DC LaRue, Lou Hayter, Robert Owens and a four page tribute to our friend Phil Asher and lots lots more.
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