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45°«S COLLECTION (2x7 inch) -pre-order-


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A: Fbi
B: Talkin°« About Love
C: Love Love Love
D: Bad Deal

Dynamite Cuts 45s series is proud to release another double-pack; loaded with jazz funk 7°… wonders. F.B.I. (Funk Band Inc) was the UK°«s original Jazz-funk band. Four tracks from this timeless LP are now on 7°… for the first time. Originally released in 1977, this LP is now massive with the collectors, and is in the °∆must-have°« category. The incredible °∆Bad Deal°« (my personal favorite), and, yes, the outstanding, °»Talkin about love°…, are both on there. This Dynamite Cuts release is a gatefold edition; with some previously unseen photos of the band. Unmissable

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