Athens of the North


label:CLAREMONT 56(UK)


A1: The Awakening
A2: Wrapped In Your Hair
B1: Ode To Mom
B2: Views From A Blue Train
C1: Follow What You Are
C2: The Magician
D1: Secret Marriage
D2: Pulsar


Two years on from the release of their remarkable debut album, New Moon, Almunia return with a second full-length of chugging psychedelic dub disco, shimmering acoustic grooves and spine-tingling Italian Balearica. Decidedly less heady than its predecessor, Pulsar impresses with its glistening guitars, touchy-feely textures, ocean-blue chords and otherworldly atmospher- ics. Along the way, there are tracks that variously sound like Cos/Mes jamming with Pet Metheny ('The Magician'), the Idjuts locking horns with Mudd ('Ode To Mum'), classic Scandolearica (the Lindstrom & Prins Thomas-ish 'Pulsar'), Peter Green on valium ('Views From A Blue Train') and a lost Fleetwood Mac track ('Secret Marriage'). All set on a beautiful thick card gatefold LP featuring brilliant new artwork by Mark Warrington this is an essential summer album.
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