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VOLUME 7 (REISSUE) -pre-order-


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A1. "Vu Rhythm"
A2. "Disco Strat"
B1. "Behaviour" (2020 remix)
B2. "Variable Mu"

RED VINYL REPRESS: The Progetto Tribale was originally born in 1992 and gave rise to early success in the underground techno world. It continued throughout the nineties and landed on various labels as it put out multiple volumes of dubby, atmospheric techno. Now, 24 years after the last volume in 1996, it is back. The vital collaborative crew of Donato Dozzy, Pietro and Paolo Micioni appear to remix 'Behaviour 2020' into a zoned out and deep late night techno roller with dubby drums, dreamy Italian melodic overtones and plenty of charm. The other three originals are a little more direct, but no less cerebral and hypnotic.

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