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MUSCLE AND HEAT (LP) -pre-order-



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A1.Thermo Limbo
A2.Watashi No Suki Na Kuni
A3.Swimming Under The Glass
A4.Do The Wolf
B1.Exotic Dance
B3.Dodo Bird
B4.Muscle & Heat
B5.Oriental Oriental

Imitation is a group that emerged as a reimport from Hong Kong and created an exo-utopia of unknown nationality in the Japanese new wave scene in the 80's. Yutaka Imai (ex Sadistic Mika Band), a composer/keyboardist/producer who has produced many famous albums, is the man behind Imitation. The group's second album, released in 1982, featured a more refined version of their nowhereness, featuring Steve Scales (known for his participation in Talking Heads), Dolette McDonald, Makoto Kubota, and Sandii. There are 9 songs in total, including "Narcissa", a Balearic dancer with a fresh sparkle, and "Exotic Dance", an exotic bon dance with a tourist Ryukyu flavor. The insert picture is also nice. Highly recommended!

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