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B1.Free Yourself

Keep It Rollin' 45th x 45rpm Vol.5 Special 45rpm vinyl marathon for P-Vine's 45th anniversary! From the long history and huge catalog, we've selected the best songs from any era or genre and released them on 45rpm! Following the success of John Valenti and Matthew Cassell, Groove-Diggers is proud to present the world's first CD of AOR and blue-eyed soul treasures! This is the first single release from Nimbus' "Children of the Earth", which has been featured in AOR magazines and many disc guides! The best independent release of AOR, mellow fusion and blue-eyed soul! 7" from the only album by Nimbus, a local student band from Mecosta, Michigan, which was distributed only through private press in 1980! The A-side, "Nezarai," is a groovy tune that is often referred to as the highlight of the album, with a beautiful final section that includes electric piano, saxophone, congas, and even laughter! The coupling track is "Free Yourself," a clear mellow fusion that is popular in the free soul context. A must-have! Completely limited production ★Pera jacket specification

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