label:NETWORK (UK)


A1 Indulge - Original Mix
A2 Indulge - Deep House Mix
B1 To Be Or Not To Be - Bad Boy Bill Mix
B2 To Be or Not To Be - MayDay Mix

Network°«s 30th Anniversary celebrations continue with the re-issue of the debut release from the iconic label. The launch of the logo with Neal Howard °»Indulge°… in 1990 caused a sensation, with the track being instantly acclaimed as a Classic, and Network noted as a new label to watch. °»Indulge°… hails from Chicago, but sounds like its°« DNA is Techno City Detroit. A futuristic call to dance from Windy City mystery man Neal Howard, whose previous releases °»The Gathering°… and °»To Be Or Not To Be°… had already reached cult status. Those gems, and °»Indulge°… were recorded by Chicago label Phuture Sound. Plans were being laid for the transformation the Kool Kat label - the UK outlet for Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Juan Atkins - into Network, but the dilemma was finding something °»really really special°… for the first release. That search for the perfect beat ended when Network°«s Neil Rushton on a visit to Chicago heard the just mixed °»Indulge°… on a cassette played by Phuture Sound boss Terry Baldwin, who after prolonged negotiations agreed to cancel a USA release so the new UK label could have an exclusive. The label design for this release is a replica of the original DJ Promo 12°… that introduced Network to the World with exactly the same tracks; Terry Baldwin°«s much loved Club House and Deep House mixes of °»Indulge°…, coupled with °»To Be Or Not To Be°… remixes by Chicago°«s Bad Boy Bill and Detroit°«s Derrick May. network - it is what it was...


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