A1. "Yellow Samba"
A2. "Hands On Fire"
A3. "Cymbolia"
A4. "Oyster"
A5. "Basic Tactic"
A6. "Almost Touching"
B1. "Kites"
B2. "Journey To Omdurman"
B3. "Under The Ice"
B4. "Chasing Moroder"
B5. "Spring Man"
B6. "Woman In A Room (Of Colors)"

Carl Weingarten and Multiphase Records return to Emotional Rescue with a collection of the music of Delay Tactics and their live, reel-to-reel and collaborative experimentation, that spawned two remarkable albums. After meeting guitarist Reed Nesbit from the St. Louis new wave scene , Weingarten joined forces for a series of concerts, performing with guitars running through tape looping delay systems similar to Robert Fripp's 'Frippertronics' ideals. Producer and engineer Walter Whitney joined to record the debut album, Out-Pop Options (1982), when it became clear his skills were a perfect addition. Recording to 4-track analog tape, the sound developed from drone based to proto-techno pop. Digital technology, drum machines, guitar pedals and digital effects offered creative freedom that resulted in rhythmic, kraut inspired pieces. These Kosmiche leanings retain a unique US aesthetic and continued after Nesbit's departure. When guitarist David Udell joined for Any Questions? (1984), greater explorations - now recorded to 8 track - pushed the envelope to a wider sound. In an age of endless holy grails, the work of Delay Tactics has a resonance, spanning Eno to Ashra but with a place and sense beyond Europe and towards to new age and fourth world leanings of Laraaji, Hassel and Karma.

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