label:MR.BONGO (UK)


A: Looking At The Front Door (Vocal)
B. Let Roger Do His Thing (Vocal)

One thing hip-hop has never been great at – and certainly something for which it has zero reputation – is nuanced emotion. Enter Large Professor and °∆Looking at the Front Door°«, the group°«s first single on Wild Pitch Records and the lead out for their stunning °∆Breaking Atoms°« album. Wrapped around a loop from Donald Byrd°«s Blue Note classic °∆Think Twice°«, bolstered by the infectious chorus of °∆Chick A Boom°« by The Pazant Brothers and Beaufort Express, it°«s a melancholy tale of love gone wrong. It was a brave choice of lead single in the 1990 hip-hop landscape, plucked from an album full of genuine head-nodders and standout tracks. It was also the right choice – a piece of production perfection laced with romantic honesty. The B-side also strikes a different tack, a tale of a brother who °»doesn°«t fight, his brain is his left and right.°… Using a solid foundation of drums from Funkadelic°«s °∆You°«ll Like It Too°« (most famously used on Eric B & Rakim°«s °∆I Know You Got Soul°«), Large Pro weaves his tale of an ambitious, studious man over an original organ line (by JD Drumsticks) that wouldn°«t sound out of place at a hockey rink. The theme is sledgehammer subtle – don°«t sell drugs, stay in school – but delivered with the lightness of touch that would be Main Source°«s signature. This is the first official UK release, and the first time both sides have been together on a 7°….

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