A1. Live At Makeover
A2. Guyana Special
A3. Xingu
A4. Commerce
A5. Overseas, Lebanese
A6. Move It Up
A7. Many Schools
B1. Sweet Critics Pt.2
B2. Vibrations
B3. What It Is - Shake Down
B4. Malfuf - Nebetia
B5. In The World
B6. Love Talk
C1. Church Cafe (Intro)
C2. Drum Sounds Pt.4 - Africana Salon
C3. After Carnival
C4. Step Off
C5. It's You
C6. Guadeloupe Meditaáao
C7. Yellow Peppers
C8. Bey Line
D1. Peru Timing Pt.2
D2. Time Is Now
D3. Tracy 36 27 36
D4. In The Lobby
D5. What It Is Pt.2
D6. White Rum
D7. Mercy

Al Dobson Jr. returns to Rhythm Section International with his debut full length LP. Spread over 28 tracks and clocking in at just under one hour, this body of work provides a glimpse into the mind of one of the UK”Ēs most talented, enigmatic producers. Al Dobson”Ēs debut mini album marked the inauguration of Bradley Zero”Ēs fledgling label back in 2014, proving to be a breath of fresh air to the london scene with it”Ēs loose, undefinable sound and unique approach to production. As a newcomer, Al Dobson Jr.”Ēs music didn”Ēt remain a secret for long, with major global tastemakers such as Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish, Dego, Alex Nut and Osunlade being early adopters. As with other key releases on 22a and Izwid, it didn”Ēt take long for Rye Lane Volume 1 to go from obscure debut to cult classic, propelling the artist and the label onto the international platform. At once a continuation and evolution of the sound, Rye Lane Volumes II & III offers a deeper exploration into the Al Dobson Jr universe, moving with ease through tempos and textures but never losing that effortless magic that makes ADJ stand out from the crowd.

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