Crosstown Rebels
artist:S.B. PROJECT




A1 Message 01
A2 Message 04
B1 Message 06
B2 Message 08

Archival material from UK techno stalwart, Steve Bicknell ( LOST, Cosmic Records). Heavyweight DJ tools, check! "All tracks were recorded in the early 90's intended to be released as an introduction to Chicago influences of the LOST dancefloor, and to also launch another side of Cosmic Records, °∆CLUBTRACKS°«. The release was titled °∆The Message°« as that°«s what it was, an unspoken message of the introduction of °∆CLUBTRACKS°«. "The production concept was minimal and raw, with Chicago influences, the tracks were recorded using an Atari 1040, Roland 808 and JD800 Synthesizer, non structured, recorded live to DAT. Edits 1 & 2 were recorded late 92/3 and never intended to be released as these were produced for my Dj sets. But they created a lot of interest when played, and many Dj°«s wanted the edits released for their use. I had gone through a few acitates already, so I decided to include the edits as part of the release." Steve Bicknell Pressed at 45 RPM.

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