A1. One Track Mind
A2. Garden Of Love
A3. Inside Of Your Love
A4. Skin Deep
A5. Spread The Love
B1. Think Your Love Away
B2. Try Your Luck Again
B3. You And I
B4. Something In The Air

CINDY, the female vocalist who has worked with Tatsuro Yamashita and Yumi Matsutoya as a backing singer, is finally releasing her debut album in analog form! She has been used in many scenes in the anime "Mezong Ikkoku" as a background music, probably due to the fact that she debuted in the opening theme song of "Urusei Yatsura". Yamashita's band members also fully participate in this album, and although he is a newcomer, his clear voice is admirable, and even the famous Stevie Wonder participated in the arrangement and performance of the song! The album takes an AOR-esque approach with a live rhythm section, with the mellow ballad "Inside of Your Love" and the funky "You & I" being the highlights of the album. It's an album that's been getting a lot of positive reviews in recent years and is starting to soar in the used market, so don't miss out on this release!

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