Athens of the North




A1 Amitoung Ashyljoung
A2 Vimana Beam
A3 Faros Faras Island
B1 Soma Yana
B2 Maya Candra
B3 Samsara
B4 Polaris Line
B5 Chariot Of Palace

Strangelove is proud to present the first ever reissue of °∆Syguira Lady°«, an eerie and absorbing ride through the rich imagination of enigmatic Osaka group Viola Renea. While riding the current interest in Japanese music, the album remains an anomaly to much of the local music of the time. Juxtaposing ancient/modern sources of sonic inspiration, North England°«s new musical movements collide with Eastern European folk rhythms, while oriental scales slide amongst wavey-electronic instrumentation. The resultant musical dreamscapes sought to conjure themes of noir & seduction, recurrent in the period°«s techno-pop. Kuki Imamura described the album as the sound of unknown memories with aural visions & strange musical loves coalescing around a femme fatale; °∆Syguirian Lady°«

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