A1. "It's On (Kenny Says)" (5:33)
A2. "Caos In Loop St" (6:31)
A3. "Interstellar Legacy" (5:57)
B1. "Red Rack'Em Threemix" (7:09)
B2. "Space Safari" (6:44)

Milano based producer Turbojazz (Jaxx Madicine) presents a well rounded EP titled "Livin' XL". His debut release on this Dallas based dance label. Turbojazz has recorded for Local Talk, G.A.M.M., BBE and others. The four tracks were inspired and crafted using a MPC XL and is full of percussion. "It's On (Kenny Says)" has a stuttering groove under the spoken word of how the music is always on. "Caos In Loop St." is a driving chant that rolls along with big bass and percussion. "Interstellar Legacy" is a sampled groover filled with astral vibes and a punchy baseline. "Space Safari" drives along with guitar and keys including a horn sample that pushes the rhythm. "It's On (Kenny Says)" gets a deep remix from Bergerac's own Red Rack'em (UK). In doing so, Red Rack'em created a "threemix" using parts from three of the songs on this EP. Innovative, unique and it works.

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