A1 Paul Older - Nothing
A2 Tung-Sol - One For Frida
B1 Sartorial - Shiva's Chant
B2 C. Da Afro - Street Jam

Twenty Vinyl releases is a strong landmark in any labels life most especially in these ever unpredictable days. Tropical Disco Records have reached that number with some verve. Over the last three years they have had a succession of chart-topping, sell-out releases fusing their love of the Jazzier edges of house music with contemporary disco and plenty of sure-fire club hits. So successful has the label been that they have in a short space of time that they have quickly become one of the most established labels releasing across the disco spectrum. As you would expect Tropical Disco Records have put together a very special collection of tracks to celebrate their twentieth edition. Uniting Italian producer Paul Older with Englands Tung-Sol, Greek disco don C. Da Afro and Londons label head Sartorial the EP marks all points on the European compass. Its an EP which shows the clear impact that Disco has had across the continent and indeed that we are all united by the power of music. The opening move goes to Paul Older with his delightful track Nothing and its the perfect feel-good moment. Wonderfully warm vocals, layers of Saxophone, guitar licks aplenty and some tight drum programming give it an energetic live feel as if Salsouls band are playing this in the corner of your club. Nothing is a track which transcends pigeon holing and as such is perfect for a variety of situations from sun soaked day parties to peak-time dance-floors. Tung-Sols One for Frida is packed with layers of brass giving it a truly enigmatic feel. Its a track which has discernible African overtones but as seen through the lens of American funk and transcribed by a disco loving auteur. Its effervescent feel is hammered home even further with the addition of Jazzy keys. One For Frida is as multicultural a track as you will find in the Disco pantheon and as such will see this picked up by a multitude of genre hopping DJs. Shivas Chant sees label co-boss Sartorial adding Eastern influences to what is already a globe trotting selection of sounds on Volume 20. Its smooth keys and brass stabs give it an undeniable charm which will see it in heavy demand with sun worshiping DJs and for summer playlists alike. Sitars, guitars and trumpets combine here for an intoxicating mix of sounds which help this track stand out from the crowd. Closing the EP out is perhaps Discos most prolific producer C. Da Afro. His sure hands deliver yet another club smash in the shape of Street Jam. Powerful strings immediately establish this as a track which has no intention of letting you do anything other than dance with abandon. Its a straight to the dance-floor combination of percussion, guitar licks and delightfully effusive vocals. Combining the best moments of 70s disco hes crated a sensational club jam. With their twentieth release Tropical Disco Records continue to redefine the notions of what disco is in 2020. With releases this exciting we cant wait for the next twenty.


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