Best Record Italy




A1. "Enter The Dome (feat Dubbyman - radio edit)"
A2. "Estimulate"
A3. "Honesty (feat Grant & Bjak)"
B1. "La Experiencia Tribal (feat Dubbyman)"
B2. "Where Do I Go From Now (feat Owen Jay & Chris Gray)"
B1. "The Club (Dan Piu Underground mix)"
C2. "Strange Flu (radio edit)"
C3. "Open This Gate"
D1. "A Different Corner (feat Dubbyman)"
D2. "Estimulate (Man-Drake Slow Time interlude)"
D3. "Her Silent Dissapear"

Second long awaited album by Zarenzeit a.k.a George Btp (Dan Piu) full of collaborations like Bjak, Chris Gray, Dubbyman, Owen Jay & Grant. From downtempo under the 80's sound and the electro vibes, until the pre-rave sounds of house, the album recreates the journey of a night in a Club, since the opening until the closing time. A record to bring in the suitcase forever for his incredible variety, to play in different moments of the set. This album is dedicated to one of the hottest venues our planet has ever experienced.

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