A1-: Kim Blackburn- Lizards In Love
A2-: The Kiwi Animal- Woman & Man Have Balance
A3-: Rupert- Soul Brothers
A4-: Stiff Herbert- I Could Hit The Ceiling
A5-: Drone- Nothing Dominant
A6-: Norma O'malley- Some Tame Gazelle
B1-: The Headless Chickens- Throwback
B2-: Blam Blam Blam- Respect
B3-: Roger Knox- Whole Weird World
B4-: Tom Ludvigson & Graeme Gash- Ulläng Jnr
B5-: Ballare- Dancing

Follow up to the labels previous release - Frank Harris & Maria Marquez 'Echoes' First local NZ dig for Strangelove. For fans of Flying Nun more quirky/ electronic output., contains songs reissued on vinyl for the first time from cult Kiwi bands Blam Blam Blam, Headless Chickens and Chris 'Roger' Knox. Strangelove's personal Inventory of NZ 1980's odd pop; 'Kiwi Animals' recasts the local charts in a parallel universe of misfit melodics, gonzo-tronics & strange waves. Channelling South Pacific voodoo and edge of world melancholia, the album highlights electronic tangents from iconic NZ groups Blam Blam Blam & Headless Chickens. It dredges the cassette revelations of art avante-gardists' Drone & Kim Blackburn, alongside bittersweet moments from Rupert & Norma O'Malley. There's the infectious minimal wave of Ballare and a reprised electro-boogie dance suite (?!) from Tom Ludvigson & Graeme Gash. The furthest depths of Flying Nun's catalog are also plundered- a brilliant earworm from Stiff Herbert and a mysterious "Roger" Knox birthday promo. Mining disparate seams of a local indie label awakening, the various tangents of 'Kiwi Animals' congeal with a future/primitive sensibility and an underlying Antipodean mischievousness…

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