label:343 RECORDS (JPN)


The new MIX CD by the traveling DJ KEYWON, who works around the country mainly in Kobe. Deeply soft, fluffy and shaking, mysterious other dimension view of the world. This is a great piece of music for a sound trip at home or as background music to create a shop atmosphere. (Yama) When you go through the forest and open a secret door, you find yourself in a sacred and undeveloped land that no one has ever set foot in before. It's as if the story is unfolding, and your imagination is running wild. There is a sacred atmosphere, a mysterious sound, and a somehow relieving sense of security...a spirit journey that drifts freely through the dimensions of the past and the future, this side and that side, the earth and the universe, that country, that place. DJ YAMA (PRHYTHM) The deepest version of the sound journey mix by DJ Keywon, who is connected with all over the country from Kobe. NU MEDITATION WORLD MUSIC takes you into a spiritual mood with its mysterious rhythms and electronic music that seems to mix the present with a soft and nostalgic feeling that can be heard from the sky. DJ KAMATAN (Sendai) Mix "unyuu-unyuu-" the sound of flowing water by DJ keywon who has traveled to important spots in the country with a wanderlust. You can hear the birds chirping. From somewhere, a singing voice could be heard. There is the sound of bells ringing. Let's set out on a journey yet to be seen, swayed by the fluffy and comfortable clouds. It's a world you meet for the first time as you peer through the clouds and dive into it, a song that seems to take you on a journey to a different country every time the wind blows. A number of gentle sounds soak into your body lightly, making you feel comfortable to meditate. Before I knew it, it had been looped over and over again. I just want to surrender myself to this pleasant trip. Welcome to a little magical world travel. KIYOCA (Okayama)

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