A1 Hit It Off (Disco Soul Version) 3:52
A2 Can't Stop (Boogie Mix) 4:29
A3 Twilight 5:51
B1 Fever 8:23
B2 Don't Break My Heart 5:26
C1 Give Me A Minute 4:54
C2 Cut You Loose 5:46
C3 What You Like 3:50
D1 Shooting Star 8:24
D2 Universal Love 5:51

Qwestlife°«s dedication to crafting authentic, heartfelt and original disco tracks has been well documented over the course their partnership. The duo, a cross-European collaboration between Southern French maestro Tom Laroye and London mainstay Andy Williams (aka Yam Who?), came together in 2013, and with Tom°«s song-writing abilities and Andy°«s club track mastery, they were a match made in musical heaven. Using old school methods and analogue techniques to produce enchanting boogie-filled numbers, the Glitterbox regulars now release their debut album °∆Prophecy°« on the imprint, encapsulating the boundless energy of their DJ sets in an exquisite 10-track collection. With highlights including previous singles like the joyous Glitterbox anthem °∆Hit It Off°« and instant party anthem °∆Give Me A Minute°« (the duo°«s label debut) the feel-good qualities of this album highlight not only Qwestlife°«s production abilities but also their expansive knowledge of the genre. Album exclusives like °∆Can°«t Stop°« and °∆Cut You Loose°« show them exploring a distinctively housier vibe with vocalist Alena, while °∆Universal Love°« and °∆Don°«t Break My Heart°« could have been taken straight from the heart of a 1970°«s disco. Featuring an incredible array of collaborators that range from session vocalist to the stars Teni Tinks, Barbados°« Bobby Saint and the ubiquitous Sugarhill Gang this album is a wonderful ode to the dancefloor and a record box essential.

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