A Susta (Original Mix) 5:26
B Susta (Emperor Machine Lovers Dub) 8:50

It would be fair to say that Leng co-founder Paul °»Mudd°… Murphy is a born collaborator. Since first donning the Mudd alias at the dawn of the century, Murphy has released numerous collaborative albums and singles with regular collaborators Ben Smith (as Smith & Mudd) and Kevin Pollard (Mudd & Pollard), as well as playing a key role in °»super-groups°… Paqua and Bison. °»Susta°…, which marks his first single on Leng since 2009, sees Murphy add some new names to his growing list of collaborators. It was made in cahoots with singer/songwriter David Harks, a regular Satin Jackets collaborator who also appeared on Jack Cutter°«s superb °»Serpent Strut°… cut on Murphy°«s Claremont 56 label. °»Susta°… is a bubbly, evocative and ear-pleasing chunk of mid-tempo nu-disco pop featuring lead vocals from Jaanika Leino AKA JaneLy – a former X-Factor Finland contestant whose sultry and evocative voice simply soars above Murphy and Harks°« sparkling, life-affirming instrumentation. Rich in twinkling synth solos, rich Clavinet lines, chugging arpeggio lines and eyes-closed piano, °»Susta°… is a strong song that will squat inside your head and stay there for days. Our advice is to welcome it in – it°«s as joyous and life-affirming a track as Leng has ever released. It°«s accompanied by a predictably strong remix by British electronic music veteran Andrew Meecham (Bizarre Inc, Chicken Lips etc.), who dons the now familiar Emperor Machine alias to deliver a dub for the ages. Combining his own analogue and modular electronics with snippets of Leino°«s vocal and some of the warmest instrumentation from Murphy and Harks°« original mix (think Clavinet and Rhodes for starters), Meecham offers up an epic slice of electronic dub disco that bubbles away for ten mesmerizing minutes. It°«s a superb interpretation of a high quality cut.
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