label:SKYLAX (FR)


A1 Raw Loop
A2 Moving Day
A3 Strange Beast
B1 When 2 Bodies Become 1
B2 Bike Ride With U

Fresh off a run of vinyl releases supported by legends of the scene like Gerd Janson, Todd Edwards, Move D and DJ Sprinkles, Skylax Records are mighty proud to present Swedens Lukas Lyrestam for our 150th release. When 2 Bodies Become 1 treads a fine line between raucous deep-house, balearic blues and straight-up sexy music. The opener Raw Loop channels classic Pepe Braddock vibes while Moving Day sounds like it couldve come from the sonic experiments of a certain 90s house producer who loves to play keyboards. Lukas is a musician and singer first, which really shows on the flip side of the record – something which Mano Le Tough & Jimpster were very happy to support on a recent release for Clouded House.Strange Beast marries off-kilter chorus-kissed guitar riffs with a driving four-to-the floor arrangement while 2 Bodies Become 1 takes a step further away from house music to combine vintage new-order textures and shuffling deep-house. Lukas also builds digital synthesizers in his spare time, something which mustve come in handy for Bike Ride With U an italo-banger closing out the record and sporting a very rubbery bassline. We are super happy to add yet another great house 12-inch to our catalogue and remember, stay underground, it pays!


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