A1 –Lili Gitana Morena 3:01
A2 –Capco No Vayas Al Sol 3:15
A3 –Voyage De Charme Hôtel Des Savanes (Instrumental) 4:46
A4 –Passion Theatre Vacation Day 4:41
B1 –Claude Miss Paco Yé Adama (Extended Mix) 6:46
B2 –Cécilia Chocolat 2:52
B3 –Nathalie David Coup De Foudre (Instrumental) 4:05
C1 –Jade 4U Rainbows (Midnight Mix) 6:08
C2 –L La Boîte À Musique 3:03
C3 –Jean-Claude Watrin Game City 4:46
D1 –Marc Et Frank Cap°«tain Coke 4:26
D2 –De Dion Sexy Cola (Glu Glu Version) 3:40
D3 –Les 36 15 Zoulous! (Remix) 3:05
D4 –Weekend Millionnaire Exit 4:44

In the summer of 2018 Beachfreaks Records founder and celebrated crate digger Charles Bals threw open the doors of Club Meduse, an imaginary open-air venue on the Cote D°«Azure where the obscure but inspired soundtrack is always humid, sun-kissed, synthesizer-heavy and proudly European. The resultant compilation was acclaimed by both music critics and record buyers, so two years on Bals has once more joined forces with Spacetalk to re-open Club Meduse for another imaginary summer season beneath the baking-hot Mediterranean sun. Acting again as in-house DJ, Bals has dipped into his personal stash of obscure, overlooked and little-known gems and selected a soundtrack rich in drowsy chanson vocals, glistening Spanish guitar lines, Latin-tinged drum machine rhythms, rushing Fairlight stabs and sparkling synthesizer sounds. Having gone to great lengths to track down the musicians behind the music, he°«s joined in the virtual DJ booth by a wealth of forgotten artists whose magical music he holds so dear. This time round there°«s an undeniable 1980s flavour to proceedings with all but one of the tracks – Claude Miss°«s African-influenced 1990 Balearic pop shuffler °»Paco Ye Adame°… – being produced and released during the decade. As with its predecessor, Meduse (Retour au Club) contains a mixture of off-kilter, barely known dancefloor cuts and the kind of drowsy, slow-motion tracks that are best suited to lazy afternoons by the pool and early evenings spent squinting towards the sunset. In this category you°«ll find the ambient-pop bliss of Lili°«s fretless bass and Flamenco guitar-sporting °»Gitana Morena°…, the slow-motion brilliance of Belgian outfit Capco°«s °»No Vayas Al Sol°… (featuring the vocals of future Benelux pop star BeaLuna), the trumpet-laden magic of Nathalie David°«s °»Coup De Foudre (Instrumental)°… – a track written by her songwriter father Jacques Bendavid – and the Mediterranean pop slickness of Jean-Claude Watrin°«s °»Game City°…. If dancing in your Speedos or swimming costume is your thing, Bals also has you covered. Check, for example, the °»Midnight Mix°… of Jade 4 U°«s Praga Khan produced 1988 gem °»Rainbows°… – a prize slice of new beat/synth pop fusion powered forward by a bold, headline-grabbing bassline – or De Dion°«s °»Sexy Cola (Glu Glu Version)°…, a jaunty, hard-to-explain mixture of pop cheeriness, Art of Noise experimentation and summer holiday glee. Or for that matter the reggae/zouk/electro fusion of Les 36 15°«s effervescent °»Zoulous (Remix)°… and the boogie-era Gallic jazz-funk of Marc et Frank°«s °»Cap°«tain Coke°… – a cut recorded in a Paris studio by two prisoners on day release, jointly funded by the French ministries of justice and culture. When you°«re done dancing, there°«s plenty to soundtrack those wide-eyed late night romantic moments too, not least the bubbly, 80s-soul influenced chanson delight of Weekend Millionaire°«s °»Exit°…, the gentle reggae/synth-pop fusion of L°«s private press delight °»La Boite Musique°… and Cecilia°«s seductive synth-pop shuffler °»Chocolat°…, the B-side of a seven-inch single that now changes hands for hundreds of pounds online.

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