A1 Akira (Feat 'EM)
A2 Akira (Dub Mix)
B1 Violet (Live Extract)
B2 Water

Dukwa is back with the second chapter of his own personal output with a new killer four tracker EP: first cut on A side is the stunning motor city anthem Akira, an epic soulful winner which reminds some of the best Inner City’s moments thanks to its catchy vocal parts and twisted up grooves. If you are more a fan of instrumental club tracks on the second cut instead you will find Akira’s dub version where drum parts , strings, its original wicked bass line and the romantic piano solo totally stand out! We stuck in the Detroit with the raw jam of Violet opening the flip-side, a wonky lost brother of Strings of Life that through its original arrangement and a clever broken beat will be able to amaze any dance floor. Dukwa’s pinnacle of poetic and compositional intensity happens with the poignant combination of dramatic strings together with beautiful piano notes and acid tinged bass within the closing track Water. Timeless stuff and absolute burners to enrich your record collection.


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