artist:VOX POPULI!




A1 Letsam La
A2 Chaque Jour Est Un Bon Jour
A3 Soleymani Dub
A4 Sunshine Boy & The Time Keeper
A5 Chapati Train
A6 Tu Renverses Encore!
A7 Getting To Know The Moon
B1 Au Dessus De La Falaise
B2 Razaye Axel Jube Hast
B3 Vapanda's Electric Garden
B4 She Walks So Easily Across The Sky
B5 Chirine

Emotional Rescue are doing a fine job of sifting through the considerable Vox Populi! archives to present the finest sounds from this most adventurous of French collectives. The specific period focused on here is the post-1989 sound of the band exploring more explicit world influences with stunning results. At times delicate and folky, occasionally funky and elsewhere more experimental and heavy in its atmosphere, there's so much to absorb here as core members Kyrou, Mitra and Khalatbari work with a swelling cast of musicians to take trips to distant lands both real and imaginary.

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