label:VIVA! (US)


A1 With The Jazz(Bertha's Deep Grüv Remix)
B1 With The Jazz (Omotani's Original Mix)
B2 With The Jazz (Tim K's Extended Remix)

Long-time member of the Viva Recordings fam Todd Omotani reaches out with a top notch single for the esteemed imprint. A veteran Pacific Northwest DJ, Omotani has held residencies in Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, and Tokyo (at his renowned monthly SOLID party). Omotani°«s discography contains releases on Amenti, Mark Farina°«s Great Lakes Audio, and Viva — including a recent remix of Jay Tripwire°«s °»Filament Burst.°… Also, Omotani is a talented artist and graphic designer, responsible for iconic images and cover art for numerous Viva releases. °»With The Jazz°… is a smooth deep house cut that will please the old school heads to no end. Warm Rhodes-style keys, vibe riffs, a bouncing bass line, and cool vocal drops move this to the front of the DJ°«s crate. Chicago°«s legendary Diz, operating under the nom de plume of Bertha, tackles the first remix. It°«s a swirly, hypnotic take, featuring intricate chord interplay, a sweet trumpet, and a feet-pleasing chunky groove. San Francisco°«s Tim K, who supplied keys on the original version, rejoins the release for the second remix. A disco-style bass line leads this one on to the floor, while spacier, echoed elements appear in the midsection. Other melodic solos come on board, making this a definite late night treat. Omotani°«s °»With That Jazz°… on vinyl includes full color artwork by N8W. This is Viva Recordings°« first vinyl release in over ten years, limited to 300 copies.

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