A1 Stress Relief (Original Mix)
B1 Stress Relief (Yoruba Soul mix)
B2 Acapella

We have all had those moments where after all of the hard work, love and dedication put into your respective 'game'; someone or something comes along and slaps you in the face. As if the dedication and longevity in your craft isn't enough, there are those out there that will still move or speak before they think. When its disrespectful thats when you say.....'just don't fuck with me right now....get off me'. Sometimes you gotta just let it out...that stress. The original mix will make you stop and pay attention, then smile in harmony with the vibe that is familiar to us all. You'll find yourself making this a mantra for those moments when you need Stress Relief. The Yoruba Soul mix takes that vibe to a deeper level, so that you feel it not only in your head, but it becomes rooted in your gut. It's the way this tune moves.

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