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More new members in the Toy Tonics family: JOEL HOLMES & CODY CURRIE joined the Berlin crew. They will release a couple of EPs. You might know Joel Holmes: American jazz pianist and keyboard player who has been member of Roy Hargrove°«s legendary Grammy nominated band, but also is part of Carl Craig°«s synthesizer ensemble. Joel is living in Berlin now, where he is involved in the new vibrant Neo-Jazz scene. (Yes! Berlin used to be a Techno city, but it°«s becoming kind of a Jazz town now!) In Berlin Joel throws monthly jam sessions (the Urban Base Jam) where the creme de la creme of Berlin ex-pad jazz musicians meet up. Americans, Europeans°ń Crazy things can happen here. Like when Erykah Badu played Berlin in 2019 and her complete band came to jam at Joel°«s session after their gig. Joel now takes the next step: he teamed up with Cody Currie: 24 year old London born talent, who already made some waves in the house scene. Cody is known as a stylized producer, with a unique recognisable sound. Much of his craft was owned in studying a bachelors in music in London. His most known work by now might be a jazzy reinvention of °∆Devils Shoestring°« with over half a million plays on SC and YT. With his new works Cody is coming away from sampling, working only with live instrumentation. Joel & Cody both live in Berlin now where they met Toy Tonics head honcho Mathias „Kapote°» Modica. And when they met there was a vibe. All three have their roots in jazz music share similar ideas about how dance-music should evolve and could sound in 2020. (In fact Kapote Modica studied jazz piano, too and has been playing in bands before getting into electronic music) Joel & Cody are working in a great Berlin basement studio, at Cody


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