4AM (LP)



A1 So Many Times 3:02
A2 Out Of My Mind 3:33
A3 Passion 3:28
A4 Peace At Last 3:26
B1 The Girl Who'll Play Heather In The Film Of My Life 2:59
B2 Trouble & Pain 3:35
B3 The Man I Feel 3:23
B4 Day 67 2:45

Mutual Intentions is proud to present the official reissue of the ultra rare 4AM album. An album that should easily appeal to anyone whos into the sounds of Jeff Phelps, Patrick Cowley, Ronald Langestraat, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Vito Ricci, Spontaneous Overthrow, Steve Elliott, Cleo McNett & Chasman. In 1989, Steve Kirby and Kevin Finch recorded the 4AM project which they pressed privately on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and quickly sold out to friends and family in the UK upon its release. The balearic master piece is a wild and funky 40 minute travel through home made British synth-pop, electro-jazz, spacey computer funk and proto house cuts with AOR-y vocals put together in the Susurreal studio in Crediton, Devon UK. On the album they used their DX7 (mainly because they wanted the weird synthetic "Fender Rhodes sound), together with Casio CZ-101 for bass, and Korg EX-800 and Roland MKS-50 for the pads and washes. For the freestyle/electro sounding vocal samples on «The Girl» and «The Man I Feel», they used the Casio FZ-10M. The drums were all from the Sequential Circuits TOM and the Roland TR-808. The guitar used throughout the album is a Fender Strat as youre might able to hear yourself. All MIDI were programmed on a UMI-2B hardware sequencer, together with a BBC-C micro, which you can see on the studio photos on the inner sleeve. Were doing a limited pressing of this oddball here, so make sure to get your copy while you can! High quality lacquer cut pressing via Optimal Media, with amazing never-before-seen photos from the 1989 studio session on the inner sleeve.


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