A1 Music Of The Earth
A2 Let's Sing A Song Of Love
A3 When I Found You 5:20
B1 Haven't You Heard (12" Version) 7:14
B2 Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up 4:58
C1 Forget Me Nots (12" Version) 7:11
C2 Look Up! (Long Version) 4:52
C3 Where There Is Love 3:07
D1 Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be) (Long Version) 6:50
D2 Number One (12" Version) 6:49
E1 All We Need 5:50
E2 Remind Me (LP Version) 5:16
E3 Settle For My Love 5:13
F1 Feels So Real (Won't Let Go) (12" Version) 6:48
F2 To Each His Own 4:12

Strut present the first definitive retrospective of an icon of 1970s and °∆80s soul, jazz and disco, Patrice Rushen, covering her peerless 6-year career with Elektra / Asylum from 1978 to 1984. Joining Elektra after three albums with jazz label Prestige, Patrice had shown prodigious talent at an early age and had first broken through after winning a competition to perform at the Monterrey Jazz Festival of 1972. By the time of the recordings on this collection, she had become a prolific and in-demand session musician and arranger on the West coast, appearing on over 80 recordings for other artists. She joined the Elektra / Asylum roster in 1978 as they launched a pop / jazz division alongside visionaries like Donald Byrd and Grover Washington, Jr. °»The idea was to create music that was good for commercial radio / R&B,°… Patrice explains. °»We were all making sophisticated dance music, essentially.°… Drawing on some of the leading musicians in L.A. like saxophonist Gerald Albright, drummer °»Ndugu°… Chancler and bassman Freddie Washington and keeping an open minded approach from her training in classical, jazz and soundtrack scores, Patrice°«s music was a different, more intricate proposition to many of the soul artists of the time. °»L.A. musicians were not so locked into tradition,°… she continues. °»None of us were accustomed to limitation and the record label left us to take our own direction.°… Early classics like °∆Music Of The Earth°« and °∆Let°«s Sing A Song Of Love°« were among Patrice°«s first as a lead vocalist before her °∆Pizzazz°« album landed in 1979, featuring the unique disco of °∆Haven°«t You Heard°« and one of her greatest ballads, °∆Settle For My Love°«. °»Although ballads make you feel more vulnerable as an artist because they are often personal, I think listeners relate to that sincerity,°… she reflects. By now, Patrice°«s records were supremely arranged and produced as her confidence as an all-round writer, producer, arranger and performer grew. Slick dancefloor anthem °∆Never Gonna Give You Up°« and the °∆Posh°« album in 1980 led to her landmark album °∆Straight From The Heart°« two years later. Receiving little support from her label, Patrice and her production team personally funded a promo campaign for the first single from it, °∆Forget Me Nots°«. It went on to peak at no. 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the album was later Grammy-nominated, while the track became a timeless anthem and popular sample, inspiring Will Smith°«s theme for the film °∆Men In Black°« and George Michael°«s °∆Fastlove°«. Patrice°«s final album for Elektra, °∆Now°« kept the bar high with sparse, synth-led songs including °∆Feel So Real°« and °∆To Each His Own°«. It concluded a golden era creatively for Patrice which remains revered by soul and disco aficionados the world over. °∆Remind Me°« features all of Patrice Rushen°«s chart singles, 12°… versions and popular sample sources on one album for the first time. Formats included a 3LP set and 1CD fully remastered by The Carvery from the original tapes. Both formats include an exclusive new interview with Patrice Rushen and rare photos.

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