A1 Take U Away
A2 Logarithm
B1 Chika Kozo
B2 Perfect Strangers

We could wax lyrical for days about the music of Ewan Jansen but well leave that for the blog sites and Reddit message boards whose pages his name regularly graces. The Australian producer responsible for seminal 90s label Red Ember could be seen as an unwitting progenitor of the now well established and flourishing Australian House music scene and his vinyl releases have become highly sought after and frequently exchange hands for triple figures. Appearances on other legendary labels such as Mike Grants Moods & Grooves (who released Ewans Blueline Summer LP in 2005) and Chez Damiers Inner Balance. In 2016 Ewan brought Red Ember out of hiatus releasing some solo material that sounded fresher than ever, continuing to push his raw yet musical, authentic house sound. Cut to the start of this year and Jimpster is flicking through Instagram when he stumbles upon a short clip of some work in progress on Ewans profile. Transfixed by the vibe, he contacts Ewan to offer a release on Freerange and were now super-proud to present you with the Perfect Strangers EP. Four original tracks showcase Ewans impeccable attention to detail in the grooves, sounds and production. With the uptempo, afro-tinged synth jam of Take U Away and the more crunchy, minimal bounce of Logarithm, we find Ewan in pure dance floor mode on the A side. Flipping over were treated to Chika Kozo, a rolling groove with an emotive vibe, perfect for a late-night drive through the urban metropolis. Closing out the EP things get more intimate and introspective on title track Perfect Strangers. Layers of warm pads build upon a punchy house groove whilst a filtered Moog bassline keeps the momentum and brings the low-end energy to the track. Overall Ewans sound melds together many sonic worlds, bringing to mind early Morgan Geist, elements of Warren Hanna Harris, Black Dog, ART and early 90s IDM, all put together with love and skill by a master of his trade. Enjoy

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