Crosstown Rebels


label:MR.BONGO (UK)


A1 Journey To...
A2 Journey
B Double Journey

Classic jazz/funk/disco cut that became an instant anthem on all discerning dance floors when it was originally released, and for decades to follow. Includes the previously commercially unreleased Sax Mix of °∆Journey°«, cut loud at 45rpm. Championed by DJs including Francois Kevorkian, David Mancuso, Larry Levan and more, it°«s a record that, alongside tracks like Atmosfear°«s °∆Dancing In Outer Space°«, become synonymous with the UK influence on US club music at the time. A sound that many forward thinking DJs in New York, Chicago etc. embraced to stand out from the crowd and bring depth to the dance floor. Driving jazz/funk, legato bass, grooving beats, subtle keys, dubbed out percussion and guitar licks that bring you to a simple but infectious piano melody. A collaboration between Andy Sodjka and Jerry Pike, mastered by Herb Powers. Licensed from Chemical Discs.


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