artist:JANET KAY


label:LOCAL (UK)


A Eternally Grateful 4:23
B Eternally Dubful 3:59


Following on from the incredibly well received reissue of Rick Clarke°«s sensuous Street Soul number °∆Love With A Stranger°«, Local Records dust off the tapes once again to reissue a Brit Funk gem from Janet Kay. Originally released back in °«84, °∆Eternally Grateful°« encompasses the Brit Funk sound with a melting pot of styles that inspired the movement. Marrying Kay°«s R&B infused vocals with a British flavoured boogie funk, jazzed up horns and a dubby bass, there°«s a pop tinge that keeps things catchy and soulful in equal measure. Hold tight for those spiritual synth lines. Stratospheric stuff that will leave you feeling like you°«ve been dancing in outer space. Like all the Local Records back catalogue, °∆Eternally Grateful°« was produced by the label's mastermind John Collins. He nestles a dub version on the flip side, full of space echo sweetness and cascading drums - giving the funk bass centre stage, primed and ready to fuel dancefloors and capture spirits all over again. Strap up the skates, it°«s go time baby!

A Eternally Grateful 4:23

B Eternally Dubful 3:59

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