A Chameleon
AA Watermelon Man


Major Keys is a brand-new audiophile label focusing on fully licensed reissues of jazz classics, pressed on 12°… for a fuller, louder version compared to the original album cut. What better way to kick of the series than housing Herbie Hancock°«s inimitable °∆Chameleon°« and °∆Watermelon Man°«, loud and proud on either side of a 12°… - remastered and cut by the engineer of the original Head Hunters LP from 1973. They don°«t get much more iconic than °∆Chameleon°«. Nestled on the incredible 1973 °∆Head Hunters°« album it°«s a 16-minute exploration of legendary jazz funk – having all the sensibilities and solos of a jazz record, yet grounding its rhythms in funk, soul and R&B. Even, as its title suggests, morphing from a low slung slow jam into a full-on, fast paced spiritual gem. Lock in for one of the most iconic basslines around courtesy of Paul Jackson, alongside some of the sweetest synth and Rhodes playing you°«re likely to hear from Herbie, all tied together with Harvey Mason°«s mythical drumming. Sampled the world over by the biggest and the best this is a truly timeless and hugely influential piece of music. On the B side, the equally intriguing °∆Watermelon Man°«. This version, again taken from the Head Hunters LP, differs from the Blue Note bop °«62 original, with Hancock developing it into a jazz fusion expedition. Bill Summers top and tails the track with a style of beer bottle blowing imitating a type of whistle playing found in Central African Pygmy music, giving a unique flavour to Hancock°«s jazz funk stylings that focus on the rhythmic interplay between each instrument. From Dilla to Digable Planets, Madonna to Massive Attack it°«s a classic that°«s sampled time and time again for good reason.

A Chameleon

AA Watermelon Man

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