A1:Salt, Pepper & Sunshine (Original Mix)
A2:Radiant (Original Mix)
B1:Salt, Pepper & Sunshine (Borrowed Identity Remix)
B2:Salt, Pepper & Sunshine (Jona Remix)


FLUMO LIMITED 006 // SPLEEN UNDERGROUND MUSIC // 'SALT, PEPPER & SUNSHINE EP' remixes By Borrowed Identity & Jona We return to wax for our sixth vinyl release, this time in the form of a full coloured 12" green offering from SPLEEN UNDERGROUND MUSIC (S.U.M.). The aforementioned are truly ones to watch; Sam Rouanet, Giovanni Verga, Takeshi Nishimoto and their analogue sounds are making serious waves in their native home of Berlin, as well as further afield. Take note, this is one to remember, one ready for the dance floor... This is the Salt, Pepper & Sunshine... The first side of the release is layered with two originals from S.U.M. Salt, Pepper & Sunshine putting out base heavy beats and melodic grooves, which blend together to create a track which encompasses and absorbs. Radiant then serves up a drum filled offering with layers of spectral sound which both mesmerises and transfixes. As we turn onto the flip side of the release, on point artist, Borrowed Identity is on hand to put his dance floor ready sound to work for a remix of Salt, Pepper & Sunshine, Almost unstoppable after releases on the likes of Ostgut Ton, Mistress and Quintessentials... This offering shows no let up, with warm sonic's showcasing his ability to put out house cuts which are always on point and ready to encapsulate the mind and move the feet. Drawing things to a close is another remix of Salt, Pepper & Sunshine, this time from Jona, who after dropping sounds on the likes of Planet E, Dessous or Get Physical, steps up to the mark to deliver a remix which thrives on synthetic textures and irresistible rhythmic programming, Its blend of high notes and deep underlying grooves which provide the perfect end to a release which is set to turn many a platter and head.....
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