Best Record Italy
artist:BAM BAM




A1. Hot Spot (Radio Mix)
A2. Hot Spot (Instrumental Mix)
B1. Hot Spot (Club Mix)
B2. Hot Spot (House Mix)


Chris "Bam Bam" Westbrook is one of the unsung heroes of Chicago House. His Westbrook label was responsible for releasing a slew of quality records from artists like Armando & Mike Dunn as well as his own productions. One record that mysteriously never officially came out on the label was "Hot Spot" from 1987, never making it past White label stage. Here, for the very first time, "Hot Spot" finally gets a full release boasting all 4 alternate mixes of the track by the man himself. Suggestive lyrics, chattering drum machine rhythms and uplifting pianos in the classic raw Chicago style are what makes "Hot Spot" a special re-issue. Harking back to a headier time, the record still slams hard today and shows contemporary producers how House music should really be done. A long lost, un-released nugget from the old school, re-mastered from the original DAT and officially released for the first time with original Westbrook label artwork in conjunction with Bam Bam / Westbrook Records, Chicago USA.

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