label:12 RECORDS(GER)


A1: Martin Bell - Helmut Spargle
A2: Rare People House Brand - Lifelike
B1: Jacy - Touch Me
B2: Deep88 - Me, Myself and an Mpc


°»The whole vinyl industry is on the rise again, the only scene that is still on the downfall in regards to vinyl sales is the Dance scene°ń. why? Because music is not culture and art in this scene, it is only a tool for Deejays. Worthless! I always considered house music to be so much more. I am affected by this stupid °»tool/deejay°… attitude like everybody else. But I refuse to give up my opinion and values about this music so I press records.°… we came across this sentence on the net°ń and i must say i would like to thank the original author, unknown to me. Introducing the house of 12 vol.2, also including some new artists on this one. A1 is with Martin Bell, Uk, the man behind all those videos on youtube about °»how to make house music with soul°…. a jazzy house raw tune, proper sound for a proper dancefloor. A2 is a mysterious band from Croatia, Rare People House Brand, all stuffed with vintage gears as well, presenting a house/disco song with a fucking good syncopatic crescendo and some hypnotic vocal. B1 is an italian guy, Jacy, and his talented attitude to resume a disappeared vibe from old italian house from the early 90s, mixed with a new touch, so it°«s not revival, it°«s a new life about that genre!! B2 is the worst of the band, as usual, Deep88, here with a raw-all-played-track that hasn°«t seen any sequencer, just a multitrack tape overdubbing and mpc.

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