label:NUMBERS (UK)


A1 Multi Ordinal Tracking Unit
B1 Multi Ordinan Tracking Unit (City Of Quartz Remix)


Numbers is proud to announce the re-issue of Multi-Ordinal Tracking Unit by Unspecified Enemies, a secret weapon and personal favourite of ours since we first discovered it on the dancefloor of Club 69 and shelves of Rubadub in Glasgow at the turn of the century. Originally released as a limited edition 12" on the Counter Attack label in 1999 (a time when generic, loopy techno was ruling the roost), Multi-Ordinal Tracking Unit stood out as a rare example of a UK record that could match Underground Resistance and Robert Hood for sheer sonic militancy, groove and hard-edged funk. Based around a sample of a Detroit proto-techno classic, it twists its source beyond all recognition, squeezing every drop of energy from its original source and from time to time revealing just enough to give you a brief clue of its provenance. Assembled by CiM and Louis Digital using little more than Amiga tracker software and a hardware compressor in a Forest Gate bedroom in 1998, the track became a mainstay in the sets of Underground Resistance DJs and DJ Bone (alongside many other Detroit DJs who simply couldn't believe that the track was conceived outside of their home city) as well as Surgeon, Rob Hall and Rubadub/Club 69s Martin McKay. The latter championed it early on and helped to establish it as something of an anthem in Glasgow. For this Numbers reissue, Multi-Ordinal Tracking Unit has been remastered by the original cutting engineer, Christoph Grote-Beverborg at D&M, who has recreated the distinctive bite and crunch of the original release. Its packaged with the City of Quartz remix by Louis Digital, which fuses it with elements of associate Laszlo Kovacs track Hostages For The Chase Manhattan and brings a new and updated dimension to the track. The digital release also includes two tracks - Bellona: I Do Mind Dying and Insurgency Soul - which were originally produced for Louis Digitals City Of Quartz label, but never released until now.

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