A1 - Deep Down
B1 - Music 89 (Santonio Echols Remix)
B2 - It Could Only Happen With You


New addition to the Claap roster and we welcome Moire Patterns debut EP on the label. To be honest this record is a vinyl sampler of Moire Patterns debut long player coming up on Claap! But lets not spoil all of the magic and keep some details secret still. Moire Patterns combines effortlessly disco, house and techno elements with a punk production attitude! All tracks have been performed live in Moire Patterns in numerous studio sessions in the past months. If we were to talk geography to describe Nikos (to his friends) sound, then Detroit, San Franciso and Chicago are definetely on the map! Powerful, dancefloor focused and yet airy and deep, the record showcases Moire Patterns different moods and directions. Deep down is an excellent floor warmer, stripped down to the basics which urges you to get down! This song appears exclusively on the vinyl release. On the flip It could only happen with you has that characteristic raw detroit feel. A track full of energy that can cause serious heat issues on the dancefloor or even your living room! The remix on the same side comes from from Detroits own Santonio Echols! Santonio needs no introduction really but for historys sake, he has been releasing productions with long time friend and associate Kevin Saunderson on their Reese & Santonio project with noumerous releases on KMS, as well as Chez Damier amongst a plethora of productions dating back to 1987! We cannot even describe how honoured we feel to have a true Detroit legend doing the remix work for us! Santonio has notched up the mood of the original song and has come up with a classy techy mix keeping the energy high all around. Zipping up your boots? We re going back to the roots!

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