Shipping & Returns

All the items listed on this website are available.

STRADA RECORDS does receive your e-mail address to contact customers, please make sure that you enter the correct e-mail address. Your order will go to a shipping process, even if the address you entered is incorrect and you are not receiving an order confirmation e-mail. So please contact us if you don't receive an e-mail that is "subject; Order Confirmation" within an hour of your placing an order.

When you click on "Conform the Order" button on check out page and receive an order number issued, it means you agreed to purchase the products you ordered.

We use overseas postage service to delivery your items. We've arranged two kinds of shipping method, EMS and SAL.
EMS is the international mail service that delivers a parcel to overseas faster than any other postage services. It is treated by top priority and it is also available of a follow-up survey system to find where your parcel is. Instead, it is a more expensive than SAL.
Please note there are about 50 countries and regions where the service is available. (Contact us to find out more)
Sometimes you might have to wait in a while until you can confirm the whereabouts of your parcel.
SAL is faster than surface mail, and inexpensive than airmail. In this system, your items are shipped out in ordinary mail treatment. Therefore, there's no follow-up survey service. SAL has to be under 2kg. Therefore SAL has a limit to carry items. Your items will be shipped with being divided into more than 2 parcels in that case.
Our packing materials are 200g, so your items will be divided when the total weight of your items is over 1.8kg.
Please comprehend that there are some countries where SAL is not available. We'll ship your items by AIR MAIL if your country hasn't dealt with SAL. The AIR MAIL service is less expensive than EMS, taking fewer days to deliver comparing with SAL. Please think the service between EMS and SAL. In that case, you are informed of the change regarding your shipping fee first then your items will be shipped only if you accept the changes. Otherwise, You'll be able to cancel the whole order. Please understand the case.

We accept major credit card to pay.

Items can only be exchanged or returned if they were damaged on delivery, or if improper items were sent. In both cases, please notify us by e-mail within one week after receiving your order. If any damage on item is not found, we may ask you for a shipping cost.
A vinyl may skip while playing depending on the set up of your turntable. Your returning item will be played on our record player first. You might be informed by us of the skip as irresistible when we think there is a possibility that the same problem will occur on the other press of the title.
set up of our player
We use Technics SL1200MK3D record player, and STANTON 680V3 for cartridge with being set up according to directions of a maker. We will test your returning item with the cartridge cantilever tracking force of 3.0 grams. And if those problems are not worked out yet, it will be dealt with as a defective item.
We pay your return expense using Paypal. Please prepare Paypal account. We pay no commissions, such as Paypal commission,transportation expenses etc...

We cannot accept returns of certain items, including
-Any item which is returned more than 7 days after the delivery date
-Any item which is damaged on a customer's responsibility
-Any vinyl with warp that doesn't cause the skip
-Any item with slight damage on jacket

Be sure to inquiry us before you return it.
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