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A1. "A Warriors Dance"
A2. "Minha Mae Iemanja"
B1. "A Warriors Dance" (Ron Trent remix)
B2. "A Warriors Dance" (Coflo Backside remix)

BEAUTIFUL FULL COLOR JACK with COLORED VINYL. VINYL COLOR/LOOK MAY DIFFER FROM PRE ORDER IMAGE. THE AUDIO PREVIEW ARE SNIPPETS ONLY AND NOT FULL TRACKS, DIGITAL VERSION WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL VINYL ORDERs FULL FILLED! Featuring Ron Trent on the REMIX! A Warrior's Dance was written as a story about a small rainforest frog (Rã); witnessing an earthly dance exchange between two great Orisha warriors; Oya and Ogun. The EP features 4 stretched out tunes meant to be consumed beginning to end on wax! The original mix tells the original story where you can feel the two energies collide! Minha Mae Iemanja, the Berimbau calls to the mother ocean and sings a song of the cypher. Ron Trent remix shows a different side of the dance, in a true Trent sonic exploration..lengthy, a journey with seemingly no end. Coflo Backside Remix shows less of a dance exchange and more of a choreographed harmony between Oya and Ogun. Featuring a beautiful mid track rhodes solo from Ezel.

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