label:REKIDS (UK)


A. Can't Get You (Club Mix)
B. Can't Get You (Maxxi Mix)

Radio Slave teams up with Michael Love Michael and returns to his roots with Cant Get You this July.

Radio Slave revisits Kylie Minogues Cant Get You Out Of My Head, the track that originally launched his production career in 2001, with US-based writer, editor, and musician Michael Love Michael on vocals. When I got the call that Pete Tong was going to play my re-edit of Cant Get You Of My Head, I had to quickly invent a name for the project, literally on the spot just a few hours before Pete went live on BBC Radio One. On that night, the Radio Slave name was born.

It was never officially released, but I did get a copy of the stems and was invited to sit in the studio with the writer Rob Davis for the making of the infamous Blue Monday mashup, which Kylie would go onto perform at the Brit Awards in 2002. It was an exciting time in my career, and this song would be the beginning of a project thats now over 20 years old - Radio Slave

The refreshed packaged comes with a variety of club-ready mixes, paying homage to the origins of Matt Edwards longest running project while looking firmly into the future. Michael Love Michaels enthralling vocal performance takes centre stage across the mixes, while variations in Radio Slaves impeccable production inject undeniable groove and propulsive energy throughout.

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