ROCK & ROLL SKATE -pre-order-

label:KALITA (UK)

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A1. Rock & Roll Skate (Sax Version)
B1. Keep On Tryin (Vocal)
B2. Keep On Tryin (Instrumental)

Kalita are delighted to announce the first ever re-release of Los Angeles-based outfit Addmoro°«s three sought-after recordings from their privately released invisible 1985 boogie grail °∆Keep On Trying°«. With original copies of the album out of reach for all but a select few since its initial release over thirty-five years ago, this is a much overdue retrospective of the group°«s musical output.
Originally privately released on the group°«s eponymous label Addmoro Records, Kalita°«s 12°… reissue single features both the vocal and instrumental versions of °∆Keep On Tryin°«, plus the saxophone-featuring boogie monster °∆Rock & Roll Skate (Sax Version)°«, arguably one of the heaviest boogie recordings of the genre.
With original copies of Addmoro°«s album selling for over £600 on the rare occasion that they come up for sale, Kalita now deliver a loud and remastered 12°… single for all.

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